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Printable Animal Mazes

Today I discovered that drawing out mazes by hand is a real pain in the neck! But I’ve wanted a set of really cool animal maze printables for this site for a really long time… so I bit the bullet today and spent a few hours drawing up these. Fair warning, I think that these mazes are on the challenging side for kids – especially the grid mazes (that I got lost in while making them!). Check these out instead if you want easier mazes for kids.

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animal mazes 231x300 Printable Animal Mazes

Giraffe Animal Maze

animal printables 231x300 Printable Animal Mazes

Elephant Animal Maze

butterfly animal maze print 231x300 Printable Animal Mazes

Butterfly Animal Maze

penguin animal maze 231x300 Printable Animal Mazes

Penguin Animal Maze

printable animal mazes 231x300 Printable Animal Mazes

Alligator Animal Maze

printable bunny maze 231x300 Printable Animal Mazes

Bunny Animal Maze

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  1. […] A-MAZE-ING! Corny, I know! But accurate none the less. Speaking of games and kids – my daughter is a maze freak so this is great. I’m thinking these would be good to pull out on our way home from school. Get her mind unwound from the day, maybe loosen up some of the stories I’ll be dying to hear but she’s not entirely ready to share ?? It’s a process, I know. […]

    Posted by Things We Love To Do « jodimichelle | September 2, 2010, 12:09 pm

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